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Authorize Apps to connect to Data Sources

First Log In

The first time you log in to a new App (or if you haven't logged in for a while) you will be directed through the familiar App Store log in procedure.

If the App requires special privileges, you will receive an Application Authorization prompt.

The Data Read privilege is granted for individual data-sources. Open Choose Data Sources and select the required data sources.

Subsequent Log Ins

The App Store remembers which privileges you grant Apps (so you don't need repeat the above authorization steps every time you log-in). However, there may be cases where you wish to edit authorization. For example, a new Data Source becomes available and you want to analyse it with App Store's Gestalt Trend.

In order to approve an App to access a new Data Source:

1. Open the App Store

2. Navigate to “My Account > Apps”

3. Select application to show more detail.

4. Select required Data Source.

The App can now query the Data.


App not listed in Authorized Apps page

You have not authorized the App. Return to the App Store and open the App from the Home Page.

Data source is not listed

The owner of the data source has not approved you to view it. Contact the data owner directly and request they share their data source (see: Share your Data with other App Store Users)

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