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Data Sources

Data Sources are connections that support Tag Query and Time-Series data request.

  • Aspentech IP.21
  • Aveva Wonderware
  • BacNet
  • CSV over COM Port
  • Expression Evaluator
  • In-Memory Data Source
  • InSpatial
  • Intelligent Plant Alarm Analysis
  • Intelligent Plant Historian
  • Matrikon ProcessNet
  • Siemens S7 [Coming Soon]
  • Rockwell PLC [Coming Soon]
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA [Preview Available]
  • OSIsoft Asset Framework
  • SNMP Agent
  • Wave Simulator
  • Windows Performance Counters

Data Streams

Data streams are used to map a flow of data from one data source to another.

  • Asset Model: Browse a source asset model and map data references to destination tags.
  • CSV: Use a CSV file to map source tags to destination tags.
  • Direct: A direct mapping between a source tag and a destination tag.
  • IP Historian/Edge Historian: Create mappings via the source properties of IP Historian tags.
  • Pattern: Match source tags using a search filter an map them to destination tags.

Event Sources

Event Sources push events to subscribed Event Sinks.

Event Sinks

Event Sinks subscribe to Event Sources to process events. For example, save event to a log or database, send an email, etc…

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