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Create a COMING SOON App

1.Log in into your account on Intelligent Plant Industrial App Store

2.In the menu pane, on the left hand side, select “My Account” and navigate to “Get Developing”

3.Read through “Intelligent Plant Developer Agreement” and once agree just click “Submit”

Congratulations - you are now a developer in Intelligent Plant Industrial App Store.

4.On your applications page select “Add New Application” in the top right corner

5.Click to add your application title/ name

6.Click to add a description and type “COMING SOON”

7.You can also click to add an publisher's company logo and one addition logo (e.g. application logo)

8. Once you hit create ( bottom right ) that's your application registered. However, to list it in the App Store as a “coming soon” app, configure the following settings:

  • Status: Active
  • Link: Url of your application, or if that's not available, a link a website where users can find out more about you and/or your application.
  • Type: Coming Soon

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