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Create a Service Hub App

1.Log in into your account on Intelligent Plant Industrial App Store

2.Navigate to “Applications” under “Developer” menu entry (if you haven't registered to be a developer - follow this wiki on How to become a developer

3.Click on “Add New Application” in the top right corner

4.Provide a service name (e.g. Contoso Services) and a short description.

5.On application profile page you can skip straight to the bottom and hit “Add Application” button.

6.In app setting take a note of your Service App Id and Service App Secret Key. Add a URL to “Authorized Redirect Urls” where your service hub is hosted and append “signin-ip”. For example “https://appstoredev.intelligentplant/serviceapphub/signin-ip

Modify Service Project

1. Open web.config file and update ServiceAppId and ServiceAppSecret with the service app hub which you have created in the steps above.

2. In the example a SQL repository is used to store user tokens, you could use the example model by modifying the connection string to use your SQL server or you could implement your own solution/ repository.

3. Make sure you call app store debit api action to charge the user for the service.

4. Modify the UI to fit your theme.

Create service app

1.Follow steps 2 to 4 above to create a service application.

2.On “Add an Application Profile Step” (the one we skipped in step 5 above) add screenshots and/or a description for your service you are going to provide.

3.Click “Add Application” to complete this step.

4.On application settings page add “Application Redirect Url”. The URL should be where your service hub is hosted, plus two parameters: “servicename” - service name must match the name you gave your application cost - how much your service costs

For example if service hub is hosted on, the “Application Redirect Url” would look like this:

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