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The Industrial App Store is an open market - anyone can become an App Store Developer. With a growing list of organizations registered to use the App Store (currently over 100 and including many blue chip companies), what better way to get your software in front of potential clients.

Apps can include anything from Websites, Desktop programs, Spreadsheets, Services, Models, etc… Ownership and intellectual property remains firmly with you. There are no registration or marketing costs, we only ask you observe the terms and conditions and agree to a 10% commission on transactions.

What does the Industrial App Store provide?

The Industrial App Store provides you

  • A shop front to market your app.
  • A user authentication API.
  • A monetization API so you can charge customers to use your software.
  • A data API to allow apps secure connection to authorized customer data sources.

The Industrial App Store is not

  • A software host.
    Apps communicate with the App Store API via secure HTTPS. They do not need to be on the same infrastucture to acheive this.

What is an app?

Apps can include anything from websites, desktop programs, spreadsheets, services, models, etc… Apps can be built on any platform that supports secure communicatopm with the App Store API.

The App Store API

The App Store API allows apps to:

  • Access user information
  • Execute debit transactions of IP Credits from user accounts
  • Execute data retrieval requests to the user's App Store Connect data sources

The App Store API is only available to Apps registered for use in the App Store.

The App Store API is a RESTful API secured via OAUTH2.

The full App Store API is available here:

More Info:

Next Steps

Get registered, create a holding card, download some code samples…

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