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Industrial App Store Release Notes

This page describes the release notes for the Industrial App Store portal.


  • Fixes a notification management issue that occurs when you do not have an email address configured in your Azure Active Directory profile.
  • Introduces a new Organization Welcome Pages feature.
    • Allows an organization to define a custom page to display to their users the first time they sign into the Industrial App Store or every time they visit unless they have been assigned to an IAS user group.
    • The page can include app cards for commonly-used apps, instructions for requesting access to data sources, links to Teams channels and so on.
    • To view your welcome page, visit or click on the My Account > My Organization link in the Industrial App Store navigation menu.
    • Welcome pages can be edited by anyone who is in the Administrators group for your organization.
  • Miscellaneous security updates.


  • Security updates and bug fixes.



  • Integration with Freshsales for new user emails.


  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1 no longer supported
    In adherance with Microsoft Cybersecurity guidelines, the Industrial App Store will only support secure communication using the latest cyphers. All App Store Connects should be updated to version 3.2.16245 or above by this date.


  • New content security policy.
  • App card ordering has changed.
  • Improved flow when creating new app registrations.
  • Refresh of the app consent and 'My Apps' pages to make it easier to identify and select authorized App Store Connect data sources.
  • Under-the-hood changes to prepare for transition to Microsoft Graph when logging into the Industrial App Store with a Work or School (Azure Active Directory) account.
  • Removal of live chat. Don't worry - a new live chat feature will be available soon!


  • Updates on the feel and look for the Industrial App Store home page.
  • Addition of a quick start option.
  • When selecting data sources for an app, your available data sources are now grouped by App Store Connect.


  • Digital Security Policy document link corrected.
  • An alternative “App Store Connect” installer link added.


  • Quick view feature. You can now preview the app without navigating to the profile page.
  • General improvements and UI fixes.


  • Fixes on how videos are displayed in the portal
  • Refresh token lifespan reduced
  • Fixed an issue when revoking app consent
  • Added Google analytics to the portal
  • Fixed an issue when developers are trying to change app status from the quick access table
  • Minor UI and usability updates


  • Fixed cancel button on application authorization page giving 500 error
  • Allow apps to be owned by organisations instead of individuals
  • Able to revoke app consent


  • Allow IP address-based security for internal API routes
  • Error while creating new apps due to expected files/folders being missing
  • App Store Error Pages misconfigured

This release contains the following changes:

  • Secret Key validation when using PKCE flow.
  • App Store Custom Error Pages.
  • Minor fixes for the new app publishing process.
  • Functionality to remove app profile media.


This release contains the following changes:

  • Secret Key validation when using PKCE flow.
  • App Store Custom Error Pages.
  • Minor fixes for the new app publishing process.
  • Functionality to remove app profile media.


This release contains the following changes:

  • You are no longer required to log in to browse the available apps in the Industrial App Store.
  • We have fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent JavaScript applications from successfully signing in when using the OAuth2 authorisation code flow.
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented JavaScript applications from being able to query the user info API endpoint.
  • We have fixed some issues related to updating app settings, including editing or cropping the icon and banner image for an app.


This release contains the following changes:

  • A bug that prevented organisation users from being removed from groups has been fixed.
  • We have refreshed the app settings page for app developers.
  • PKCE support has been added for public apps that were previously using the OAuth 2.0 implicit flow. Implicit flow is still available, but app developers must now explicitly enable it if it is required by an app.
  • Secret keys for apps are no longer visible in the settings page. Now, the secret key is only displayed when it is initially created. You can reset the secret key for your app at any time.
  • You can pre-select all scopes required by your app from the app settings screen, and you can also pre-specify whether or not your app requests offline access (i.e. refresh tokens) by default. This simplifies the creation of the redirect URL your app uses when logging a user in. These options can still be specified in the redirect URL if preferred.
  • We've fixed a few other under-the-hood bugs.


This release contains a high-priority fix related to changes in the way Google Chrome handles cookies. The change affected the way organisation users signed in using their Azure Active Directory credentials.

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