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Facit Release Notes

This page describes the release notes for the Facit app.

Apr 2022

Facit Script Tags

Script Tags are the “under the hood” functionality that have always driven the Facit monitors. However, as the variety and sophisticaion of Script Tags has grown, it makes sense for them to be given a prominent appearance in Facit.

You will soon be able to view and configure Script Tags in the Facit UI. To make the relationship between Script Tag and Alert more obvious, the default Alarm Analysis parsing of Facit events will reflect the Script Tag name in full.

For example,
a Script Tag called $$LIC0101.State that raises event High Alert, will be parsed:

Event.Tag: LIC0101.State
Event.AlarmId: High Alert

Previously, it was parsed…

Event.Tag: LIC0101
Event.AlarmId: State

Note that Alarm Analysis calculation of duration will be broken for Facit Alerts that straddle the above transition. Also KPI counts will spike for reporting periods straddling the transition since the same alert may appear twice (with a subtly different name).

Mar 2021

  • Minor update to support Click-thru-to-Trend links
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