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 ======Gestalt PnID Release Notes ====== ======Gestalt PnID Release Notes ======
-This page describes the release notes for Gestalt PnId.+This page describes the release notes for [[|Gestalt PnID]]. 
 +===== Current ===== 
 +==== 2022-09-Minor ==== 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * **Sparkilne Rework:** Sparkline component has been reworked to allow multiple tags to be added that scale relatively to the overall data range and also now contains a data buffer that will display data prior to the configured PnID start time. 
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +  * Added an error dialogue when the import of a PnID fails. 
 +  * Added the data function to the query parameters when loading page via URL. 
 +  * Improved handling of session expiry to allow the user to login and continue on their loaded PnID. 
 +  * Improved the UI when using PnID on mobile. 
 +  * Modified the scaling of lines with position bindings on them so that it now scale the bindings to. 
 +  * Modified the embedded component so that it will now receive updates on query changes that the child application can respond to. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where right-clicking on a dashboard item to rename, would cause the default browser menu to appear. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the default alignment for text was not being set correctly. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where you could no longer group a single component . 
 +  * Fixed an issue where you could group another group infinitely. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the URL for the home page was not displayed. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where components linked by ID would not navigate correctly. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where opening a link in a new window was not working. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the tag manager would go off the screen and the controls would not be visible. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where right-clicking a scatter plot component did not provide the option to trend the data. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where tags in a scatterplot were not being persisted on page saves. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where no error message was displayed when a data request failed. 
 +  * Fixed issues that were preventing the files from bundling incorrectly. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the hitbox of a rotated group was not correct. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where groups that contained rotated components did not display their bounding box correctly. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where scaling a rotated component would cause the bounding box to become misaligned. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where scaling a circle would result in an incorrect translation. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where genies were not rendering correctly when they contained a rotated group. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where you could not undo the grouping of components. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where parsing numbers would failed depending on the locale of the user. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where you could not open the context menu when viewing a PnID on mobile.   
 +  * Fixed an issue where querying data using PLOT would result in "No Data" being displayed. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where querying data using PLOT would result in “No Data” being displayed. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where clicking a folder multiple times would prevent the user from saving a file in that folder. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where you could rotate & flip a locked component. 
 +===== Past Releases ===== 
 +==== 2022-08-Major ==== 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * **XY Scatterplot component:** Users can now add a XY scatter plot component that will allow them compare tags against one another. 
 +{{ :general:apps:gestaltpnid:pnid_create_scatter_plot.gif?400 |}} 
 +  * **Event Manager - Set query scripting action:** Users can now create a "Set Query" action in the Event Manager that will alter the PnID's query settings and apply them. 
 +  * **Event Manger - Get Tag Data, Sum & Average functions** - Users can now use the //getTagData(datasource, tag)// shortcut to retrieve all available data for a tag. The returned object also provides the //sum()// and //average()// helper methods to make doing these operations simpler. 
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +  * Added validation for the Naming of a PnID.  
 +  * Added application icon to the side menu. 
 +  * Added function to retrieve all tag data in an event manager script. 
 +  * Added a copy tag function to the bindings dialogue. 
 +  * Added a check to the scripting message handler to ensure the message received is in the expected format. 
 +  * Added context menu option for opening the bindings dialogue. 
 +  * Added a dialogue that is displayed when the request to retrieve data sources has failed and allows the user to retry the request again. 
 +  * Added a dialogue for when an error occurs when applying a new data range. 
 +  * Modified error messages to be more informative to the user.  
 +  * Modified the loading symbol to use the Intelligent Plant logo. 
 +  * Modified the file size limit to 10mb for importing PnIDs to be consistent with what we allow to be posted to the server. 
 +  * Modified right side panel to separate the dashboard properties from the selected component properties, into its own static menu. 
 +  * Modified Event Manager GetValue function to allow a specific index to be provided. 
 +  * Fixed create folder using path instead of parent Id.  
 +  * Fixed an issue where the real-time subscription would be lost when the connection dropped. 
 +  * Fixed Input, Button, Range and Embedded components disappearing when copying and pasting. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the interpolation of data was creating an extra point. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the start and end date were being set incorrectly, and not maintaining the correct time range. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the time range being interpolated for was way outside of the original query 
 +  * Fixed issues with how PnID was managing the start and end time, which was leading to an ever expanding time range and lead to the incorrect number of points being interpolated. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where historical data was not being correctly set for tags when creating a binding. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where PnID would keep trying to process messages from a trend window that was shut and throw an error. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where creating a binding with a new tag would create a separate real-time subscription rather than adding it to the existing one. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where subscribing a new tag was causing a serialisation error due to it passing an array of tag names and not a dictionary of tags grouped by data source. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where bindings would be assigned to the incorrect tag when data for a tag present in the dashboard was not returned. 
 +  * Fixed issue where loading icon was not being displayed when applying new data range. 
 +==== 2022-06-Major ==== 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * **Organisation Wide Home PnID:** Users can now create a Home PnID in the "All Users" group, which will set the home page for all members of that organisation. 
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +  * Modified the event manger to now display scripting errors. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where event manger was not highlighting scripting. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where write actions were parsing the values as int instead of as a float. 
 +  * Fixed an issue with templating, where configuration values were replacing values they shouldn't. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where a file would be removed even if there existed another admin on it. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the paging on the user search was not working if the user was included in the list. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where application would break if the user had no Home PnID. 
 +  * Fixes an issue in templating when selecting a target folder, which result in the wrong path being set. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where renaming a PnID in a group where on reload it would not be found. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where PnID would freeze because it would attemptto interpolate from 0001-01-01 then to now. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where an iframe with a url that did not include a trailing / would repeatedly reload. 
 +==== 2022-04-Major ==== 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * **Generate files from template:** Users can now generate multiple files from a specified PnID with varying configurations of tags, colours and links. 
 +  * **Copy Folder Contents:** Users can now copy the entirety of a folder's contents to a specified location, allowing files to be moved elsewhere with ease. 
 +  * **Linking directly or relatively:** When linking a component to navigate to a PnID, users will now have the option to either link directly to a given file or use a relative link that will navigate to a file relative to the PnID's location. 
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +  * Added text to inform the user there are no permissions when viewing permissions on a file/folder. 
 +  * Modified group dashboards area to now display groups you are a member off and not groups that are simply visible to you. 
 +  * Modified group dashboards area to now display groups by their organisation. 
 +  * Modified groups in the share modal to now display groups by their organisation. 
 +  * Modified queries for retrieving folder contents that significantly improves the load times of the file explorer. 
 +  * Added error message when user attempts to accept a share in a location they are not permitted. 
 +  * Modified method of retrieving real-time updates to improve stability. 
 +  * Modified the method in which data is queried to improve load speeds. 
 +  * Modified binding of state tags to allow the numeric or string value of the state to be used. 
 +  * Modified "Zoom to Fit", "Zoom To Height", "Zoom to Width" properties to be a single property called "Zoom To" where you can select the zoom choice. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where removing permissions from a folder could result in the underlying folder structure being deleted. 
 +  * Fixed an incorrect message being shown when accepting a share 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the embedded component would not always load its content. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where setting sparklines to use auto scale would mean they would not work. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where auto scaled sparklines would drop of the page when a zero existed in the data. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where the application would serve cached content and cause the app to break. 
 +  * Fixed an issue where an error would be thrown when attempt to retrieve data sources that support the asset model. 
 +==== 2022-03-Major ==== 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * **Embedded page component:** A new component that allows user's to embed content from other sites into there dashboards. 
 +  * **File selector modal:** This allows users to select a specific PnID they want a component to link to, thereby removing the need to manually enter a path. 
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +    * Modified the getValue method in the events dialogue so that it can now take a selected point parameter. This means it will take the value of the tag for the currently selected point and not the latest. 
 +    * Modified OnValueUpdate scripting event to also run when value is changed via the range selector. 
 +    * Added an exception when linking to a home pnid from a group, so it correctly loads the user's home file. 
 +    * Modified linking from files that exist in a group so that, by default, it navigates relative to the groups folder, unless a group id is present in the link. 
 +    * Modified bindings that use state tags to allow choice of whether you use the string or numeric representation. 
 +    * Improvements to the file structure UI to facilitate larger file names 
 +    * Improvements usability on mobile phones. 
 +    * Improvements to the file handling system to make it more robust. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where numeric bindings were being activated like a state binding.  
 +    * Fixed an issue where user's could accept shares in a location they were not permitted to. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where user's could still access files when they had been removed from the appstore group that access was permitted to. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where the share pop up would crash on the initial opening. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where a new folder would not be created when pressing enter. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where saving a file in a folder that had a space in it's name would result in an error. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where the file menu is not reloaded once a file has been deleted. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where removing the last permission from the permissions panel will delete the file without providing a warning. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where permissions changes will persist after an error is thrown. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where user could rename a file as empty. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where files could be left orphaned by removing all administrators. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where PnID was not keeping track of the windows it had opened. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where trend was not adding tags to existing windows or creating new plots for differing time range. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where dropping a genie would load the image and not the genie. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where data function would be empty in the settings menu. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where queries would always use the INTERP data function. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where it was not hiding the time controls when switching to a realtime pnid from a historical one. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where you could not rename a file in a group structure. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where locking/unlocking component was displaying the incorrect icon. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where symbols at the root would not load if user had navigated to a sub folder. 
 +    * Fixed an issue where bindings on groups were not being loaded when opening a page. 
 +==== 2021-10-Major ==== 
 +=== New Features === 
 +  * Added share system for groups. 
 +  * Added share and permissions controls. 
 +  * Added invert option to create chart component. 
 +  * Added functionality to rename files and folders.  
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +  * Fixed an issue where you could not edit a binding because the data source could not be found. 
 +  * Fixed issue where the chart modal was the width of the entire screen. 
 +==== 2021-09-Major==== 
 +A minor update that contains the following changes: 
 +=== New Features=== 
 +  * Added Roboto font family as an option in fonts. 
 +  * Added the olney light font family as an option in fonts 
 +=== Modifications and Fixes === 
 +  * Modified adding of tag names to event manager so that they are properly escaped if they contain any special characters. 
 +  * Modified setting so PnID does not always prompt user to authorise datasources. 
 +  * Modified the console window to be scrollable, so that when many actions are being performed you can see the complete output. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where bounds were not being calculated correctly because a text element's line height property was empty. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where time picker would revert to absolute time when press enter. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where request data when selected start date is after selected End Date 
 +  * Fixed a bug where long folder names occupied two spaces. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where pressing log out would not prompt to save changes. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where PnID crashed if no cookies were found in the browser. 
 +  * Fixed the link to release notes to open in a new window. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where there was a change the request to initialise a user could be called twice if switching between home and pnid quickly, by moving the process to the onauthenticate method. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where certain filepaths caused an issue when saving a new file. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where a file would not be saved at the correct path. 
 +  * Fixed a bug where the loading symbol would display all the time when displayed in a Trend dashboard. 
 +  * Fixed issue  where you could not share a file if it was nested in a folder
-===== Upcoming Release ===== 
 ==== 2021-06-Major ==== ==== 2021-06-Major ====
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   * Fixed the font used when displaying a new share.   * Fixed the font used when displaying a new share.
-===== Past Releases =====+
 ==== 2021-04-Major ==== ==== 2021-04-Major ====
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