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Gestalt PnID Release Notes

This page describes the release notes for Gestalt PnId.



A minor update that contains the following changes:

New Features

  • Added Roboto font family as an option in fonts.
  • Added the olney light font family as an option in fonts

Modifications and Fixes

  • Modified adding of tag names to event manager so that they are properly escaped if they contain any special characters.
  • Modified setting so PnID does not always prompt user to authorise datasources.
  • Modified the console window to be scrollable, so that when many actions are being performed you can see the complete output.
  • Fixed a bug where bounds were not being calculated correctly because a text element's line height property was empty.
  • Fixed a bug where time picker would revert to absolute time when press enter.
  • Fixed a bug where request data when selected start date is after selected End Date
  • Fixed a bug where long folder names occupied two spaces.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing log out would not prompt to save changes.
  • Fixed a bug where PnID crashed if no cookies were found in the browser.
  • Fixed the link to release notes to open in a new window.
  • Fixed a bug where there was a change the request to initialise a user could be called twice if switching between home and pnid quickly, by moving the process to the onauthenticate method.
  • Fixed a bug where certain filepaths caused an issue when saving a new file.
  • Fixed a bug where a file would not be saved at the correct path.
  • Fixed a bug where the loading symbol would display all the time when displayed in a Trend dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where you could not share a file if it was nested in a folder

Past Releases


A major update that contains the following changes:

New Features

  • Added getStringValue function to the event manager that allows the user to retrieve the current string value of a tag.

Modifications and Fixes

  • Modified opacity being applied in edit mode to prevent control components being difficult to find.
  • Modified the align to take a restricted set of values.
  • Fixed issue where text's colour would disappear.
  • Fixed issue where tags from one data source would end up in results of another if switched whilst request was still ongoing.
  • Fixed issue where line thickness binding was not being applied.
  • Fixed issue where loading pages with large number of tags on a slower data source would create a race condition that caused the unsubscribing of tags to take place after the subscription of new tags, which meant all tags were unsubscribed.
  • Fixed an issue where, tags that had the same name, but from different data sources, would set the data to what ever tag occurred first.
  • Fixed issue that meant saving a PnID would reassign bindings to point at tags where the tag name was the same, but the data source was different.
  • Fixed bug where, when upon retrieving the requested historical data, it was failing to set it into the correct position.
  • Fixed issue that was causing tags to be deleted when saving PnIDs.
  • Fixed the font used when displaying a new share.


A major update that contains the following changes:

New Features

  • Added 3 New design components (Input Boxes, Buttons and Range Bars). These allow controls to be added to PnIDs that users can interact with to perform specific actions.
  • Added Event Manager and Scripting Engine. This allows users to write their own custom Javascript scripts to perform certain actions. These scripts can then be assigned to a specific event on a component, which will be executed when activated.
  • Added “Run Events” property to PnID properties that allows control over whether events should be ran in a page or not.
  • Added Components Explorer Modal that allows users to see all component that are currently in a PnID.
  • Added unauthorised data source modal, which indicates to the user what data sources they have not authorised when opening a PnID.

Modifications and Fixes

  • Changed “Align” property so that it now has a restricted set of values.
  • Fixed issue where folder would not be created when clicking the create folder icon.
  • Fixed issue where user's access token was not being refreshed.
  • Fixed issue where selected pallet colours were not being applied to newly created components.
  • Fixed issue that caused borders to become the wrong colour.


Minor update to fix an issue regarding real-time tag subscriptions not being removed when a PnID window closes.


This release contains the following changes:

New Features

  • Added improved tag manager that better displays current values and historical values of tags present in a PnId.
  • Added control for selecting the data function to be used in the data request for a PnID.
  • Added context menu control to open a linked component in a new window.

Modifications and Fixes

  • Fixed issue where client-side data interpolation would break when requested data contained bad values.
  • Fixed issue where copying a group would not properly copy the bindings.
  • Fixed issue with rotation bindings not working on groups or text components.
  • Fixed issue where PnID shortcuts would not work when the main menu was open.
  • Fixed issue where historical data was not always being requested when adding a binding that used a new tag.
  • Fixed issue where vertical position bindings would break on opening of a PnID.
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