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Alarm Analysis Event Sink

Alarm Analysis Event Sink is a data core target object. When connected to a data core event source, event messages are transformed into AA event messages and saved to Alarm Analysis. The point of the AA event message structure is to facilitate big data number crunching that can reveal all sorts of useful information from your Alarm & Event log.

Data transformation includes:

  • Field Mapping.
  • Value overrides: Set a field to an explicit value. For example, “Plant Name”.
  • Value Mapping: For example, “ALARM_1_RTN”, “RETURNTONORMAL”, “EVENTRETURN”, “NORMAL” all get mapped to to “RTN”.
  • Data Correction.
  • De-duplication.
  • Data Enrichment: Alarm duration calculated, meta tags identified (e.g. Tag Alm Count), etc…
Configuring the AA Event Sink

The Event Field Mapping section of the Event Sink exposes AA Event Message fields that can be set.


In the following examples, we're setting the Alarm Analysis “Event Type” mapping.

1. Map a source data core event property called “AlarmAction” to the AA “Event Type” field


The square brackets indicate we're referencing the event-source property collection for a property named “AlarmAction”.

2. Value Override

Set event-type to ALM in all cases


Quote marks indicate this is a text value (rather than a field).

3. Conditional Logic

If the source data “AlarmAction” field is empty, set the AA Event Type value to “EVT”

var alarmAction = (string)[AlarmAction];
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(alarmAction))
  return "EVT";
return alarmAction;

Because multiple statements are issued, we must use return and semi-colon instruction terminators.

4. Default Mappings

The following default mappings are applied.

msg.Id = srcEvent.ID;
msg.TimeStamp = srcEvent.UtcEventTime;
msg.EventType = "EVT";
msg.Tag = "Undefined";
msg.MessageDescription = srcEvent.Message;

These defaults are the minimum requirements to import a “valid” record, but it may not be accurate. The referenced source event fields belong to the Data Core data container and not the true source data.

Advanced Settings

An administrator can prepare a C# code file to perform data transformation, but it is a highly technical task that requires full understanding the the underlying data objects. We recommend Intelligent Plant assist with this activity.

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