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CSV Data Stream

Use the CSV Data Stream to configure tag-to-tag mapping via a CSV file.

Data File Format

The example CSV file below contains mappings to stream a few tags from the Telemetry data source to the RabbitMQ Provider.

Telemetry,performance_counters.memory.available_mbytes#value,RabbitMQ Producer,performance_counters.memory.available_mbytess#value
Telemetry,performance_counters.processor.pct_processor_time#value,RabbitMQ Producer,performance_counters.processor.pct_processor_time#value
Telemetry,performance_counters.processor.pct_processor_time#value,RabbitMQ Producer,performance_counters.processor.pct_processor_time#value
Telemetry,performance_counters.logicaldisk.c.pct_free_space#value,RabbitMQ Producer,performance_counters.logicaldisk.c.pct_free_space#value

This type of configuration could be employed to push telemetery from a data core node to an App Store Connect instance where the tags are monitored.

Data File Location

The default location for CSV data stream mappings files is:

%ProgramData%\Intelligent Plant\Data Core Application Host\Service\Applications\App Store Connect\Data\CsvDataStreamMappings

To use an alternative location, create an Update-safe Configuration file and configure the following setting:

 <add key="dataCore:dataStream:csv:baseDirectory" value="Data/CsvDataStreamMappings" />

Enter the path in the value property (NB. the path must be relative to the Data Core root folder).

Licence Requirements


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