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CSV File

Use the CSV File data source driver to mount static process data files.

Enable the loop function to simulate live updating data.

Data File Format

The first row contains headers that define tag and timestamp columns.

Hint Tag headings can contain sub parsing to include tag name, description and unit fields.


Subsequent rows contain time-series tag values.


CSV specific settings are listed under “CSV Settings”.

Key Settings

  • File Path
    The CSV file to use. This must be relative to the base CSV path defined by the hosting application.
    The default root folder for CSV files in a standard installation of App Store Connect is (please create this folder if it does not already exist):
%Program Data%\Intelligent Plant\Data Core Application Host\Service\Applications\App Store Connect\Data\CsvDriver
  • Time Stamp Field
    The name of the time stamp field in the CSV file. This can also be the zero-based numerical index of the time stamp field.
  • Time Stamp Format
    The time stamp format used in the CSV file. This is defined using a Microsoft custom date and time format string.

    For example “dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm” correctly interprets UK formatted timestamp with 24hr notation (“01/11/2021 15:58”).
  • Skip Duplicate Values
    Enabling this setting filters out samples that duplicate the same value on contiguous rows. This is useful when running demo data sets with large numbers of tags and rows.

System Requirements

The CSV driver is RAM intensive. Use the following formulas to calculate the additional RAM requirement of a CSV data source.

[Additional RAM Requirement] = ([Number of Data Points] x 0.5kb) + [Allowance for User Queries]

[Number of Data Points]  = [Number of Tags] x [Number of Data Rows]

[Allowance for User Queries] is driven by factors such as number of parallel requests, data function, data volume processed in gernerating query, etc. Query performance monitoring is recommended, but 0.5GB can be used a starting point.

Licence Requirements



Refer to logs:

%Program Data%\Intelligent Plant\Data Core Application Host\Service\Applications\App Store Connect\Logs
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