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SQL Event Source


SQL Event Source is a datacore event source for databases. It provides low-level support to define a database connection and query that polls for data. It supports SQL Server, OLE DB, ODBC, Oracle, EntityClient and SQL Server Compact 4.0.

Event Message Structure

Records from the SQL source are converted to the Data Core Event Message structure, with columns becoming Event Properties.


DB Providers

DB Providers must be installed on the server hosting App Store Connect.
(The .Net framework includes most key providers. More info...)

Read-Only Data Access

The Event Source can connect to a database using windows impersonation or with credentials explicitly specified in the connection string (encrypted). However, in both cases, you should only provide an account with read-only access to the subset of data you are prepared to share.


  • SQL Provider: DB drivers installed on server
  • Connection String: The connection string for the remote database.
  • SQL Query: The SQL query string to use when requesting events from the database.
  • Primary Key: A numeric incrementing PK is required to track data-processing progress. This must be returned by the query.
  • Sleep Period: Interval to rest if no data is returned.

Example SQL Query

SQL Query
  FROM [dbo].[Archiver1_MasterEventLog_Col1_Con1]
  WHERE  MessageDataID > {0}
    ORDER BY MessageDataID

The SQL Query should look something like the above and include the following parts:

  • A Top clause so data is queried and returned in batches.
  • The source-data must contain a Primary Key (e.g. “MessageDataID”)
  • A Where filter on the source-data primary key with placeholder (e.g. WHERE MessageDataID > {0}). This allows us to pick-up and move on to the next batch of data.
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