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Industrial Connector for Power BI - Release Notes

This page describes the release notes for Industrial Connector. Your Power BI will automatically download updated connector when a new release is published by Microsoft.

2020-07 (Power BI July update)

* Connector PKCE authentication flow integration.

2020-06 (Power BI June update)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Introduced new Get Snapshot data function to retrieve the current tag(s) value.
  • Added new Get Plot data to perform a processed data request using PLOT function.
  • Added new Get Processed data to perform a processed or aggregated data query.
  • Added new Get Raw data to perform a raw data query.
  • Every function has an optional parameter to indicate which data type to use and display the results. For example, some digital tags or A&E data tags might have a text value as well as a numerical value. The numerical value is used by default, if unavailable - text value will be used.
  • New Power Platform API was introduced that will help us transfer the data faster and more efficiently whilst keeping the same high-security standards.
  • Under the hood fixes and improvements.
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