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User Management

Click on View App Store users for the organization in the organization portal actions to open the user management page. From here, you can filter and page through the list of users who have registered with the App Store. Note that this page does not search your own user directory; it only shows App Store users.

User list (administrator view)

Viewing User Details

Click on the Details button next to any user to view the full details for that user, including their group memberships, current App Store credit balance, and the apps that they have been assigned. For example:

User details (administrator view)

Important: Regular users cannot see group membership information, credit balance or assigned apps, except when viewing their own user accounts.

Viewing Assigned Apps

Click on View Assigned Apps to see the apps that the user is allowed to sign in to:

Assigned apps (administrator view)

App access is controlled via app safe- and block-list management.

Locking and Unlocking User Accounts

Administrators can prevent users from signing into the App Store by locking their account. The do this, click on Lock the user account at the bottom of the user details page. A locked account can be unlocked in a similar way. An administrator cannot lock or unlock their own account.

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