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Connection Issues

The guide below assumes you have working internet, are able to access the app on the Industrial App Store, but the app is not showing any data and/or reports data is not available.


Have you access to the data source and have you authorized the app to connect to it?

For instructions on how to check, see Authorize Apps to connect to Data Sources

Clear Cookies

Web browser caching of cookies and site data can occasionally cause problems. This may happen following an application update, where cached files become out-of-date and incompatible with the new app release.

To clear the web-browser cache…


Click on the padlock in the address bar, then “Site settings” and then “Clear data”:


Click on the padlock in the address bar and then “Clear Cookies and Site Data…”

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools, then “Internet Options”, then “Delete…” in the “Browsing history” section on the General tab, and then ensure that the following items are checked before clicking “Delete”:

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